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»Cello Monster or The string Goliath»

Borislav Stulev. Photo: Sergei Moskalev, Русская служба «Голоса Америки» GOLOS AMERICA
04.03.2015 19:44

Cello Monster or The string Goliath


Sergey Moskalev: Borislav, we are acquainted for a long time, almost from the time, when the famous pianist Byron Janis, you made your debut with, said: «Look at this young man (it’s about you). He plays as if he had been born with a cello». A lot of complementary articles about Borislav Strulev were written in different publications. You’re «one of the best cellists of the planet», «the musician with exceptional temperament», «the High SPEED cellist». Continuing perhaps not quite correct analogy with the high speed, it’s possible to say that Strulev is similar to powerful Formila-1 bolid(car). You’re rushing through the life with terrible speed, with high turns, with dizzy volutes: you have and solo-programs and festivals and tv-shows. You mix the genres up — classic music with jazz, blues and adding the flavor of crossover.

Borislav Strulev: (Gibbering and laughing «Shock must be present»)

Borislav Strulev: Shock is always differ the real art on public performance. Shock — it’s something that has always distinguished the true art in a public statement from the everyday domestic music-making. For the listener sound shock can be expressed as a kind of incompleteness or vice versa as hypertrophied incredible sound.

S.M.: Some musicians are trying to make their art as accessible as possible, Vanessa Mae’s creativity for example. Others relate to such experiments condescendingly. Don’t you feel the risk of sliding into pop-music and incur the blame of classical music’s fans?

B.S.: I feel the danger, but i am cellist. A ‘’violoncello’’ is particular instrument. I play in church with the organ’s accompanying today, and tomorrow i will play in the stadium with flying acrobats. Its 21st Century. People must have the opportunity to choose. There are a lot of sections on my web-site. In real life, if a kid likes sweet, he won’t eat herring with horseradish. He will eat Milky Way. But as time goes, tastes change. And a person thinks «Oh, now the herring with horseradish or with garlic goes well with vodka! No Sweets!» Excuse me for such an analogy, but I’m sure person must always have a choice. My job is to make cello sounding, sympathizing. In comparison with violin, cello is quite difficult instrument. it’s heaver. And it has only four strings that should resonate. A violoncello as the human’s voice may be in the song and in the chanson, and in the aria and the cantata. I’m not afraid of experiments. We need to do things, that are given by destiny and time. It’s wonderful, that the musician has fans or foes. It means, that he touches someone with his music.

S.M.: You were music director in New York for the special event — celebration called ‘’Day of Russia’’ It was very popular program?

B.S.: I was glad to be a music director of the program «Day of Russia» in New York city. In the year of the celebration of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the US and Russia bicentenary we also took part in the development of friendship between countries. There were Bill Clinton, and Henry Kissinger, and Russia’s representative Vitaly Churkin on the concert. I hope, this tradition will come back and we will go galas. Nowadays, when relationship between countries almost icy, such events and concerts could make life warmer. There are a lot of talented musicians in Russia and USA. So, now they can’t sing or play either in Russia or in America?

S.M.: At the moment you’re art-director of the music festival in Belgorod. ‘’BelgorodMusicFest’’ – BORISLAV STRULEV & FRIENDS! Whom do you want to invite? What kind of festival it is?

B.S.: The festival calls «Borislav Strulev and the friends». It is international festival. It runs for the fourth year with the support of the regional governor and Cultural Foundation in Belgorod. Our festival is peculiar. It includes classical music, ballet, opera, jazz programs and theatre. For four years there were a lot of colorful guests. For example, there was Alexander Markov, he’s alive «Paganini» from US with classic music and rock-concerts. Leonid Ptashka, a great virtuoso pianist from Israel visited our festival. Also there was Michel Legrand. He’s a legend I performed with him in New York. This friendship united us, and he flew to the festival to Belgorod. And, finally, there was one and only – Opera Diva — Elena Obraztsova with her last concerts. This concert led by my friend and terrific person — Svyatoslav Belza, who, unfortunately departed from us as well.

S.M.: And as for the program of this year?

B.S.: The superstar will perform that year — the world’s best violinist Viktor Tretiakov. Also there will be brilliant bass of the Bolshoi Theatre Vlaimir Motorin. I invited also Evgeny Margulis a Soviet and Russian rock and blues musician. Great conductor and friend coming form New York – Arkady Leytush.

S.M.: Borislav, you left Russia in 1993 and come back in 2005. But now you come very often. You can compare Moscow and N.Y. I mean, you can compare the world of music, the public.

B.S.: What can i say? I will always have relate feelings to Moscow. But there are a lot of things, that connect me with N.Y. It’s very difficult — to compare two different cities. I can’t say, which is the best. Everyone has his own emotional mind. I see everything through the prism of my instrument. I’m working and living at the place, where I have the opportunity to perform. At the moment, I mean in March, there is my festival in Belgorod. There will be a concert at Carnegie Hall in June, that will be dedicate to the 70th anniversary of the Victory. So, I’m like musical bridge, sometimes I have to across the ocean two or three times a month. I even have two cellos. One in Moscow and another one — in New York. Cellos suffer flights worse than people. Ancient expensive instrument can be very sick after ten hours in the sky…

S.M.: How is it?

B.S.: That’s so, open the case, and from there «Borislav, how dare you! I’m three hundred years old!

I was made in Italy, I should be in Venice! And what are you doing?! Dragging me out of airport Sheremetyevo to JFK, through customs, on the shoulders! How could you?»

S.M.: Does she?

B.S.: Yes. Although, when I take the cello with me, i should buy a ticket for it! And double breakfast on the plane! And then it gets kosher, and I take Indian myself. (laughs)

S.M.: And Rostopovich once said «Cello is an instrument, that serves music».

B.S.: He did. Also he said, that we artists are soldiers of our destiny with a burning heart…

S.M.: You went from comparison of the public in Moscow and in New York. But one famous cellist in the interview noticed that American public is still Wild West. What do you think about it?

B.S.: Everyone has his own creative successes and failures with certain continents. I think, that in the country, where Tchaikovsky opened Carnegie Hall, where Mahler made the premiere of his symphonies in Detroit, where premieres of Horowitz with Oistrakh and Rostropovich were hosted… Should i continue? The tradition continues from Anton Rubinstein. There are people in US, who feel styles, levels and representations. Sometimes star come from Europe, and at the next morning public can read article, where the critic breaks star to smithereens.

S.M.: Oh really?

B.S.: Yes, to my mind, professional music criticism exists only in America. In other countries criticism is more condescending. I would take the word in quotation marks, because it’s more like a phone-talk with a neighbor «I went to the concert yesterday, its was not good,».

— Why?

— I Don’t know I didn’t like it! It was to long

S.M.: And as for the public?

B.S.: In decent halls, I’m talking about super halls, like Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center and the Chicago Orchestra Hall, where i performed many times, the public doesn’t applauds between parts. The same I can say about the Tchaikovsky Hall, and Hall of Moscow Conservatory. But musician’s way to success is quite dangerous and thorny. It is difficult to predict the reaction to the performance.

S.M.: Could you explain?

B.S.: I had a case. I played in Japan in fabulous hall, and there was so quiet! Frightening! I think, what it is. An ultimatum against me started? At least, someone out of there could cough! Whom I’m playing for? For robots?

S.M.: For the Japanese…

B.S.: Sure. But it was a sign of special respect. I didn’t know, that they’re so attentive. It was a shock for me.

S.M.: But there is also another way?

B.S.: It is. Sometimes i can be invited to some luxurious castle, where people eating and in general they have no interest to art at all. This can happen both in Moscow and in New York and Milan or London.

S.M.: And what you should do?

B.S.: You must be able to defend yourself, to believe in yourself. You must be ready to everything, and, of course, go on with your job.

S.M.: As for your preferences in work, you do a lot of experiments with words » Throws up the Avant-garde».

B.S.: I see. I created some projects. For example, the solo performance with Tamara Gverdtsiteli called «God created woman», where the cello participates in the duet with her tremulous incredible touching voice. She reads poetry. I hope, we will show it in America. I also came up with a program «Cello Tango». This is my band. We recorded disc: classical music, jazz hits, but in the style of tango. I also have a duet with bayan player — a kind of dedication to Rostropovich, who traveled to Siberia without piano, playing with accordionist – bayan player. And we did a duet program with bayan player from Germany Aydar Gaynullin. We can work with the orchestra, and solo… there’s a lot more… ‘’ShowDuet007’’

S.M.: On the January 15, 2015 the famous opera singer Elena Obraztsova passed away. I know you have warm and friendly relations. And most recently, there was a concert of her memory, in which you participated …

B.S.: Elena Obraztsova has always been an idol for me. How can she sing low notes with such a beautiful voice? Such emotion! Such power! I’ve always listened to her before the concerts. I played a few times in the evening, and then i invited her to my festival in Belgorod. It was an unforgettable concert: she read her poems, sang, we came up with the repertoire — there was a duet, where we even «meow» — I was on the cello «kitty» she was «a voice». Elena Vasylievna didn’t afraid of experiments and jokes.

But at the concert, where have you been, the great classical cello and bass Ildar Abdrazakov sounded. Amazing bass from Mariinsky Theatre and Met Opera. This was our debut together with him in the memory of the great Elena Obraztsova. I often remember her and as an incredible master and as a person who lived up with arts to the last days.

Wish, we all would be like her !

Stun, Stunning and Stunned

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—————————————— By Barry Plaxen POWER AND PIANISSIMOS: Borislav Strulev!!! The 6th concert for the 2017 Festival on August 19 was, in a word, peculiar. Or perhaps, a better word, anomalous, in that it was extremely atypical of what we expect to witness. Billing it as “An Evening of Chamber Music” featuring Borislav Strulev (cello) and […]




Cellist Borislav Strulev, whose dynamic playing and performance style is usually associated with flamboyant virtuosity backed up by a masterful sound all his own — the equivalent of musical fireworks. Here, in contrast to his reputation as a soloist, his singular tonal quality is one of consistent restraint and generosity to his accompanist, pianist Sergei […]


The cellist – 2014 Sochi Olympic torchbearer — Borislav Strulev.


    Was it a childhood dream boy — a musician in the third generation, from childhood accustomed to discipline and many hours of exercise on the cello, accompanied by his grandmother every day, and then his mother to attend music school, to make run with the Olympic flame? Hardly. But the famous cellist Borislav […]


»Cello Monster or The string Goliath»


Borislav Stulev. Photo: Sergei Moskalev, Русская служба «Голоса Америки» GOLOS AMERICA 04.03.2015 19:44 Cello Monster or The string Goliath   Sergey Moskalev: Borislav, we are acquainted for a long time, almost from the time, when the famous pianist Byron Janis, you made your debut with, said: «Look at this young man (it’s about you). He plays […]


Helsingborgs Dagblad; Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra


Helsingborgs Dagblad 9, November 2002. Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra Conductor Sebastian Weigle … Borislav Strulev was the guest soloist for the evening (Gabriel Fauré’s Elegie) and showed that even short pieces can give greatest satisfaction. Strulev controlled with perfection the power of the piece. The result was an exquisite music making with excellent balance between the […]


Versterbottens – Kuriren – Sweden; One of the best cellists on the planet


Versterbottens – Kuriren – Sweden 11. May 2002. When we speak about the good, better, and the best from that evening, Hindemith’s cello sonata in masterful and powerful performance by Borislav Strulev came as a winner on the highest level of this scale. This explosively concentrated and artistically complete artist gathered one success after another […]


Västerbottens Folkblad – Sweden; Crystal clear and clean


Västerbottens Folkblad – Sweden 15. May 2002. The main characteristic of Strulev — his cello sound. Crystal clear and clean, everything in his performance breathes musicality. I was especially impressed with his vibrato, as usually musicians use this effect exaggeratedly. Strulev vibrates with such sensitivity and uses his vibrato only in the right places, that […]


Västerbottens – Kuriren – Sweden; Both incredible chamber musicians


Västerbottens – Kuriren – Sweden 17. May 2002. Friday’s lunch concert became for me the greatest event of the ongoing chamber music festival. Performers were cellist Borislav Strulev and pianist Alexander Markovich — both incredible chamber musicians. …The sound of the cello was unbelievably beautiful, so rich with shades and painted with colorful spectrum, that […]


Vasterbottens – Kuriren – Sweden; One of the highest points of the year……

Vasterbottens – Kuriren – Sweden 14. May 2002. One of the highest points of the year…… I have to admit that tears came out of my eyes at the end of Tchaikovsky trio… …The three musicians created probably one of the most memorable moments of the year-absolutely brilliant concert… …Combination of Borislav Strulev and Alexander […]


La voz de Asturias — Spain; Outstanding virtuosity on the cello


La voz de Asturias — Spain 6. May 2001. Outstanding virtuosity on the cello The Variations on a rococo theme of Tchaikovsky appeared in the second half with an amazing cellist — Borislav Strulev. The orchestra began in purest gallant style with the cello entrances at certain places giving an impact of its absolutely evocative […]


La Nueva España — Spain; A Surge


La Nueva España — Spain 6. May 2001. A Surge …” and from the contemporary music we had a contrast in Tchaikovsky’s most famous Variations on a rococo theme for cello and orchestra. The eight variations that the cello develops after the theme in the orchestra require a performer of great importance — a virtuoso; […]


Kölner Stadt Anzeiger — Germany; WDR Sinfonie Orchester under Neeme Jarvi


Kölner Stadt Anzeiger — Germany 6. April 2001. WDR Sinfonie Orchester under Neeme Jarvi Bouncy Dances …” Peter Tchaikovsky hoped for a relief of his depressive mood with reflection on Mozart in his variations on the Rococo theme op.33 for cello and orchestra. The accompaniment has a secondary role only; the soloist is quite in […]


Bonner Generalanzeiger — Germany; Tchaikovsky’s ‘’Variations on a Rococo theme”


Bonner Generalanzeiger — Germany 8. April 2001. Tchaikovsky’s ‘’Variations on a Rococo theme” with their romantic content yet in Mozart’s late rococo style presented a conceivably great contrast to the brisk Martinu. The young Russian cellist Borislav Strulev mastered with superior style and the virtuosic finesse of Tchaikovsky’s work. The power of his playing expressed […]


Kölnische Rundschau — Germany; A Sensitive and Fiery Finale


Kölnische Rundschau — Germany 7. April 2001. A Sensitive and Fiery Finale …” The young cellist Borislav Strulev devoted himself in a carefully illuminated and dynamically finely colored and sensitive interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s Rococo variations. The ensemble with the individual orchestra members was finely achieved and the cellist with secure and clean intonation let the […]


Västerbottens Folkband — Sweden; Walton Cello Concerto


Västerbottens Folkband — Sweden 17. March 2001. Cellist Borislav Strulev played the Walton Concerto with mutual inspiration and devotion …. And also the Walton concerto was played with grace and magician power. Russian-born cellist Borislav Strulev played with evident presence. I listen to this concerto with difficulty because it usually feels like an amplifier for […]




Kaleva — Finland 5. February 2000. STRULEV IS A GENUINE ARTIST The picture of the young musician named Borislav Strulev became even more precise. In the chamber concert of Sunday the 23 -years old cellist appeared to be an interpreter without hesitation with the impetuosity of youth and with the strong temperament. On Thursday in […]




Kaleva — Finland 1. FEBRUARY 2000. WILDNESS AND VISION OF YOUTH There seems to be a new line in the chamber music concerts this spring. Instead of the musicians of the Oulu Symphony Orchestra they have engaged visiting artists. The cycle was begun on Sunday with a concert of a young Russian cellist star, Borislav […]




CAPE TIMES — South Africa 4. November 2000. STRULEV MAKES CELLO SING AT 24, Russian cellist Borislav Strulev is a master of his instrument, but also an eloquent musician and one who feels a deep emotional involvement in everything he does. The audience cheered as his cello was made to sing, sigh, laugh and dance. […]


The Mercury — South Africa; Musical fireworks


The Mercury — South Africa 13. November 2000. Musical fireworks … “A very youthful 24-year-old Strulev impressed greatly with his performances of Saint-Saens’s Cello Concerto No 1 and Tchaikovsky’s Pezzo Capriccioso, and indeed, it was something of a bonus to have heard him twice in the programme. Fiery, rhythmic vitality and virtuosity, and full warm […]


San Francisco Chronicle; Lou Harrison Suites for cello


San Francisco Chronicle 15. February 2000. California Symphony /Barry Jekowsky: Lou Harrison Suites for cello and Orchestra Tchaikovsky Variations on a Rococo theme “The 23-year-old Russian boasts an enormous, gripping sound, full of bright colors and effortless power; when he plays he commandeers the sonic spotlight with ease.”




NEW YORK POST 3. November 1999. At CARNEGIE HALL with BYRON JANIS The three facts probably best known about the pianist Byron Janis are that he has long been associated with the music of Chopin, that he studied for several years with Vladimir Horowitz, and that his career suffered setbacks due to illness, particularly arthritis, […]


The New York Times; John Taverner “Svyati” for solo cello and choir


The New York Times 6. April 1999. John Taverner “Svyati” for solo cello and choir Spirituality as a Composer’s Driving Force “Borislav Strulev, the cello soloist, played with a rich, singing tone and conveyed a sense of the line’s devotional shape.”


Chicago Tribune; Brawny tone and sure technique


Chicago Tribune 12. October 1999. ‘… the high point of the concert was not [pianist Byron] Janis performing alone but his collaboration with a protégé of his, Borislav Strulev, in [Chopin’s] g-minor Cello Sonata. The 23-year old cellist from Russia played with a brawny tone and sure technique, and he seemed to have lit a […]


La Maurienne; Almost religious stillness


La Maurienne – France 1999 “Borislav Strulev is only 22 years old but possesses an immense talent. In his case, virtuosity does not wait for the weight of years… Strulev, with an almost religious stillness, cast a spell with his music. With grace, power and even sense of suffering, he gave his cello a soul… […]


Barometern – Sweden; Intensity, gravity and joy


Barometern – Sweden 1999 “Russian-born Borislav Strulev turned out to be an immensely enjoyable acquaintance, displaying an intense and powerful personality that captured a house filled to capacity… [Chopin’s] superb treatment of the sonata form found an ideal interpreter in last night’s soloist. Strulev’s mastery of his instrument produced a beautiful tone, but just as […]


Ostra Smaland – Sweden; Borislav Strulev was sensitive


Ostra Smaland – Sweden 1999 “The concert at Kalmar Castle offering a true tour de force, a demonstration of power, temperament and identification. Borislav Strulev’s affinity with the music he plays makes the experience almost a physical one. In Chopin’s Cello Sonata, the cellist gave full justice to the music’s wealth of nuances, weight and […]


Daily News of Japan; Audience charmed with splendid cello tone


Daily News of Japan 15. January 1998. Audience charmed with splendid cello tone Borislav Strulev’s cello recital took place at Kanazawa City Art Hall on January 14. The audience was overwhelmed by this young artist. He produced a gorgeous sound, rich and elegant like an opulent human voice, secure in every register. The program consisted […]


The Reno Gazette — Journal; Guest artist serves up delicious cello work


The Reno Gazette — Journal 26. November 1998. Guest artist serves up delicious cello work … Guest artist Borislav Strulev performed brilliantly in Haydn’s Cello Concerto in C-major, a finely crafted work that, like freshly baked bread can nourish the soul. Strulev’s musicianship generated an appreciative response from the orchestra, trimmed to chamber size for […]


El Norte — Mexico; Great technical and communicative qualities of the cellist


El Norte — Mexico 25. March 1998. Audience admires the great technical and communicative qualities of the cellist, Borislav Strulev in Auditorio San Pedro To listen to Borislav Strulev is to experience a passion for music that is out of the ordinary. His powerful sound has purity and flexibility. His impassioned temperament is intimately joined […]


Sierra Madre El Norte — Mexico; Miracle Cellist


Sierra Madre El Norte — Mexico 11. April 1998. Miracle Cellist In the light, amidst the antique chandeliers…. from the first notes, everyone understood they were in the presence of a world-class artist, the cellist – Borislav Strulev. Borislav’s music reclaimed the greatness and nobility of the world it summarized and seemed to dwell in […]


Bangor Daily News; Rococo Variations


Bangor Daily News 10. November 1997 Bangor Symphony Orchestra – Rococo Variations “… it included guest cellist, Borislav Strulev, whose performance of Tchaikovsky’s Variations on a Rococo Theme, opus 33, was so glowing and giving that he made the romantic work seem as if it were one of the greatest pieces of music ever written […]


The Star — South Africa; Borislav Strulev plays with heart and mind


The Star — South Africa 26. June, 1997. Borislav Strulev plays with heart and mind Music is far more than pure sound. It should evoke images and lasting feelings. Only a musician who plays with heart, mind, soul and body can achieve this. Borislav Strulev, a 21-year old Russian cellist, has a frighteningly unreal talent: […]


Star Bulletin — Honolulu; Young cellist richly stirs concerto


Star Bulletin — Honolulu 28. October 1996. Young cellist richly stirs concerto A refreshing pair of young artists led the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra in a bracing concert yesterday afternoon. Guest conductor Michael Stern and cellist Borislav Strulev Sparkled in a delightful program of Haydn, Rachmaninoff and Stravinsky. The hands-down highlight was Strulev’s stellar performance of […]


Eastside Week — Seattle; Bellevue Philharmonic Orchestra

Eastside Week — Seattle 2. April 1996. Bellevue Philharmonic Orchestra …”Most exciting, however, was the local debut of the young Russian cellist Borislav Strulev, playing Lalo concerto. Strulev sounds like a 30-year old veteran of the instrument; at 19, he has had a wide solo performing experience in Russia, and it shows in the presence […]


The Longboat Observer – Florida; Recital at Van Wezel Hall


The Longboat Observer – Florida 5. February 1996. Recital at Van Wezel Hall When young Borislav Strulev strode onto the Van Wezel stage on February 5 and began drawing his bow vigorously across his cello strings, my immediate reaction was: wow! And for the entire evening of his recital, I can state that I have […]


Chicago Tribune — STRONG HAND

chicago tribune

Chicago Tribune 16. October 1994. STRONG HAND Chicago Sinfonietta The Chicago Sinfonietta opened its eighth season Wednesday in a poker player holding a straight flush. For its Orchestra Hall concert it had a strong conductor, Paul Freeman; two powerful soloists, cellist Borislav Strulev and pianist Leon Bates; and the orchestra itself… The 18-years-old, Moscow-born Strulev […]




CHICAGO SUN-TIMES 13, October 1994. Sinfonietta Opening Highlights Hard Work …Freeman scheduled not one but two concertos, adding the Saint-Saens Cello Concerto with an astonishingly gifted, 18-years-old Russian cellist Borislav Strulev, in his U.S. orchestra debut. …Freeman was conducting Moscow Philharmonic last season when he first heard Strulev, and the teenager is a real find. […]




La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest – France 23. June 1992. Château d’Artigny -THE REVELATION OF BORISLAV STRULEV- Five years after Kissin, Repin and Vengerov a new young prodigy is revealed: Cellist Borislav Strulev. From the first sounds produced by his bow it was understood that he has a lot to say and astonishing means of […]


Interview with cellist — Borislav Strulev by Katerina Goltcman


Interview with cellist — Borislav Strulev by Katerina Goltcman




I thouhgt «Should i stand through my life?’’ And said: «I choose the chair!» A Cello Chair!!!


Borislav Strulev: I thouhgt «Should i stand through my life?’’ And said: «I choose the chair!» A Cello Chair!!! Magazine from St. Petersburg «The Conkurent» had a talk with the famous Russian/American cellist Borislav Strulev. You can simply say about him: «insanely talented and internationally famous», but Borislav Strulev doesn’t like pomposity and excessive pathos. […]


Strulev Borislav: «People need culture and want it always be near»


Струлёв Борислав: «Люди нуждаются в культуре и хотят, чтобы она всегда была рядом!» Strulev Borislav: «People need culture and want it always be near»     Foreign economic relations, the official site of the magazine «»Foreign economic relations of Russia» Borislav Strulev’s name flunts on posters in different countries along with musical stars of classical, […]


Белгородцы на олимпиаде: Три вопроса факелоносцу Бориславу Струлёву

83820_330 — Борислав, Вы родом из Москвы, живёте в Нью-Йорке, но пронесёте олимпийский огонь по улицам нашего города. Что Вас с ним связывает? — Наш с вами фестиваль – официальный участник культурной Олимпиады «Сочи 2014». Мы будем представлять великое культурное богатство России, вовлекая каждого россиянина в грандиозный праздник и представляя всё самое лучшее гостям игр. […]


Михаил Швыдкой: Наши танцовщики, певцы, дирижеры — заново завоевали мир

Блуждающие звезды В 1977 году Юрий Темирканов вместе с лондонским Королевским филармоническим оркестром записал для знаменитой EMI Вторую симфонию С.В. Рахманинова. Он настолько удивил искушенных музыкантов, что они решили добиться его возвращения в оркестр чуть ли не любой ценой. И Темирканов в самом расцвете брежневского застоя стал главным приглашенным дирижером этого коллектива. Кроме него в […]


«Виолончель — это не страшно и не скучно»

UFtYjbMaOUNRpObsoBbN Борислав Струлев: «Виолончель — это не страшно и не скучно» Всемирно известный виолончелист готовит сюрприз на Русском Благотворительном Балу в Марбелье “Универсальный мультистилист”, “ренессанс-мэн”, человек мира с широкой русской душой, — так эксперты пишут о виолончелисте Бориславе Струлеве. Легендарный американский пианист Байрон Дженис сказал о Бориславе: “Посмотрите на этого молодого человека, а что гораздо […]


Зелёный Weekend в Нью-Йорке с Бориславом Струлёвым

strulev green Зелёный Weekend в Нью-Йорке с Бориславом Струлёвым Борислав Струлёв – выдающийся русско-американский виолончелист исключительного темперамента и техники, музыкант безудержной энергетики и драйва, один из первых начавший исполнять джаз на виолончели, живет и работает между Нью-Йорком и Москвой. Он универсальный мультистилист, ренессанс-мэн – исполнивший практически весь классический репертуар для виолончели и объездивший с ним все […]


Borislav Strulev — encyclopedia of Russian America

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An Interview with BORISLAV STRULEV)


Все-таки, гала, а не джем сешн

Когда я пришел в «сердцу милый» джаз-клуб Bird Land на 44-й улице Манхэттена и увидел ход подготовки к гала концерту «От классики к джазу», посвященному 35-летию теперь уже мне знакомого виолончелиста Борислава Струлева, понял, что гала состоится, а вот джем сейшн — вряд ли. А ведь накануне в нашей беседе Борислав обещал как-то соединить одно […]


Новости культуры — Музыкальный фестиваль «Звезды на Байкале»

Музыкальный фестиваль «Звезды на Байкале» открылся 8 сентября в Иркутске сольным концертом Дениса Мацуева, идейного вдохновителя и художественного руководителя смотра. Известный пианист прибыл на свою родину со звездным сопровождением. С ним – оркестр «Виртуозы Москвы» под руководством Владимира Спивакова, биг-бэнд Георгия Гараняна, органист Гарри Гродберг, виолончелист Борислав Струлёв и оперная певица Хибла Гирзмава. В год […]


Борислав Струлев: «Играю „Болеро“ Равеля под басню о нефтяном магнате»


21 августа исполняется 35 лет звездному музыканту, который первым начал играть на виолончели джаз и записывать с ней саундтреки к фильмам и ситкомам «Труду» Борислав рассказал, что побудила его, академического исполнителя, стать шоуменом. — Наверное, день рождения отметите концертом? — Да, он состоится прямо 21 августа в историческом месте — нью-йоркском клубе «Бердленд», где когда-то […]


Хроника Новоселья на Тургеневской

Поздравить театр пришел и президент России Владимир Путин, который отказался от предназначенной для высоких гостей ложи Годо и выбрал место в восьмом ряду партера. 
Обошлись без обычных в таких случаях длинных официальных речей. После шутливого приветственного слова Александра Калягина начался концерт для друзей.
Открылся он необычным и очень эффектным шоу машинерии сцены: под экспрессивную музыку Шостаковича […]


Top-100 самых стильных людей планеты


«Человек, имеющий ежедневные отношения с классической музыкой, в какой-то момент неминуемо проникает в суть прекрасного — в том числе и в отношении одежды…»


Новости культуры: Борислав Струлев на фестивале «Crescendo»

В эти дни в Москве проходит музыкальный фестиваль «Crescendo». Сегодняшнее выступление на фестивале одного из лучших виолончелистов планеты Борислава Струлева должно стать настоящим событием для культурной жизни столицы. Музыкант не играл в Москве уже 10 лет! Сегодня он примет участие в Джазовом концерте (в Концертном зале имени Чайковского) вместе с Денисом Мацуевым и Государственным камерным […]




«Музыкантом высоких оборотов, лучшим виолончелистом планеты называют Борислава Струлева музыкальные критики мира. Его исключительный темперамент и техника поражают, а обаяние и невероятный звук завораживают и очаровывают зрителей всех известных сцен мира…»


Мечтаю создать фестиваль русской музыки в Турции

Своими учителями Борислав Струлев называет Мстислава Ростроповича, Йо-Йо-Ма, Марту Истомин-Казальс, Давида Герингаса, Валентина Берлинского. С одним из ведущих виолончелистов мира беседовала корреспондент «Недели» Елена Калинина. Неделя: Вы очень много играете новаторский, неклассический репертуар. Борис Струлев: Да, это и тандем с Гришковцом, и выступление с группой “Ума Турман”, с Тамарой Гвердцители придумали новый дуэт — “И […]


Музыкальный фестиваль «Crescendo»

Борислав Струлев, исполнитель музыкальной партии в фильме Бессона, примет участие в фестивале «Crescendo»…


«Crescendo-2009». По нарастающей

Предпоследний день фестиваля «Crescendo-2009» в Пскове оказался, наверное, самым разнообразным. К музыкантам присоединились театральные артисты. Вернее сказать, они к ним не присоединились, а играли отдельно, в пяти минутах ходьбы друг от друга. Таким образом, любителям музыки и театра пришлось разрываться между Большим концертным залом Псковской областной филармонии и Псковским академическим театром драмы. В филармонии играли […]



— Как виолончелист, я работаю в очень разных направлениях, — говорит Борислав Струлев, – от классики, джаза и до поп-музыки, играю на самых значительных сценах мира.


«Виолончелист высоких оборотов» пять лет спустя

Критика наградила его целым рядом эпитетов: «виолончелист высоких оборотов», «монстр струнный», «музыкант исключительного темперамента и техники», «один из лучших виолончелистов планеты»… И это все о нем, Бориславе Струлеве. Сергей Москалев: Борислав, ты давал интервью «Голосу Америки» лет пять назад. Что сейчас у тебя? Некоторые критики уверяют, что твой друг-мегазвезда классический пианист Денис Мацуев и ты […]



Премьера программы виолончелиста Борислава Струлева «MIX Египетских пирамид» состоялась 15 декабря в рамках фестиваля «Magic Mix» в особняке приемов и торжеств Петра Смирнова.




WASHINGTON — It was so Bob Strauss.


В Москве вручены премии «Хрустальная ладья»

9 декабря состоялась ХI ежегодная церемония вручения премии в области развития гостиничного комплекса города Москвы «Хрустальная ладья — 2005″.




Борислава Струлева называют одним из лучших виолончелистов планеты. А его дебют в нью-йоркском Карнеги-холле с легендарным пианистом Байроном Джайнисом, когда они вместе исполнили Сонату Шопена, критики назвали сенсационным.


Церемония вручения премии «Хрустальная ладья»

5 stars

Молодой, но уже хорошо известный виолончелист Борислав Струлев покорил не только слушателей всех знаменитых концертных залов мира, но и особую публику — участников прошлогодней церемонии вручения премии «Хрустальная ладья»…


Концерт фестиваля был посвящен памяти жертв трагедии в Беслане

3 октября 2005 года Госоркестр принял участие в праздновании Дня города, выступив на двух фестивалях. Это I Международный фестиваль «Музыкальный квартал», который, по идее организаторов, должен стать ежегодным и будет проходить на самых «музыкальных» улицах Москвы — Большой Никитской и в Брюсовом переулке. Сама история создавала год за годом музыкальный квартал. Здесь расположен Московская консерватория […]


Открытие Московского кинофестиваля обошлось без сюрпризов

Звезды устроили модное дефиле и остались равнодушны к итальянскому кинематографу Ксения Иванова 18 июня 2005 В пятницу вечером в столице открылся XXVII Московский международный кинофестиваль. Торжественную церемонию посетили отечественные «звезды»: Федор Бондарчук, Ольга Орлова, Лидия Федосеева-Шукшина, Людмила Гурченко и другие. На премьеру фильма конкурсной программы ММКФ «Желанная жизнь» остались немногие. Большинство почетных гостей разбежалось сразу […]


Виолончель – это cool

На днях завершился фестиваль Crescendo, который придумал известный музыкант, победитель последнего Конкурса им. Чайковского Денис Мацуев. Идея Crescendo – представить широкой публике новое поколение русской исполнительской школы. Открытием для московской публики стал Борислав Струлёв – музыкант яркий и неожиданный. Выпускник Центральной музыкальной школы в Москве, а затем – Манхэттенской школы музыки в Нью-Йорке, он уже […]


Cellist, MSO apply heat to Latin beats of new concerto


Borislav Strulev premiered it in Sweden in June, and now the concerto has found its way to Milwaukee. Strulev played the U.S. premiere here Friday, with guest conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya and the MSO.


Борислав Струлев: Играет не плоть, играет – дух…

Борислава Струлева в Иркутск на самый первый фестиваль классической музыки «Звезды на Байкале» привез наш знаменитый земляк Денис Мацуев. С тех пор участие одной из лучших виолончелей современности в фестивале является обязательным. Хотя уже более 15 лет музыкант живет в Нью-Йорке, гастролирует по всему миру, выступая в лучших концертных залах с самыми знаменитыми мировыми оркестрами. […]


БОРИСЛАВ СТРУЛЁВ сыграл концерт ВИЛЬАМА ВОЛТОНА с большим увлечением

Концерт В. Волтона был сыгран на высочайшем уровне. Выходец из России, виолончелист Борислав Струлёв играл с невироятно сильной концентрацией. Обычно мне тяжело воспринимаь этот концерт, поскольку он в основном ощущается, как дополнитель к “иго” для талантливых виолончелистов, но Струлёв увлёк нас в ослепительных солистских вспышках и оттенках, особенно легатные места имели ту лёгкость, которая требуется […]



“Виолончелист Борислав Струлёв наэлектризовал зрителей.” — Написал Пер-Инге Планефорс Не меньше, чем 3.500 оборотов в минуту. Я конечно имею ввиду феноминально одарённого и музыкально целеустремлённого виолончелиста – звезду Бориславa Струлёвa. Он сыграл необыкновенно успешный концерт. Он совершенно наэлектризовал многочисленную аудиторию полным фантазии концертом Вильама Волтона, написанного в 1956 году. Фрагмент памяти, который вызвал метафору “3.500 […]